Getting Pilots in the Air 

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Hamilton Flight Services is a flight training specialist whose primary purpose is to train pilots at all levels. The pilots we train are not only well-qualified, but comfortable in their aircraft.

About Us

Flight Training and Aircraft Management Everything from Light Sport Aircraft to Jets

Aircraft Management

We assist individuals looking to buy or sell an aircraft. After an aircraft has been purchased, we can provide the new owner with maintenance, and aircraft insurance coverage assistance, as well as their provide the training for aircraft qualifications and currency. We assist pilots in achieving their aviation goals; whether you want to become a recreational or career pilot.



     Flight Training 

Primary Flight Training for both Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) and the Private Pilot Certificate. 

Advanced Flight Training

for Commercial and Flight Instructor Certificates, and the Instrument Rating. Technically-Advanced (TA), Complex, High Performance, and tail wheel aircraft endorsements. Training is completed to meet not only FAA standards, but also to meet insurance requirements. ​


    Aircraft Sales

We are an Authorized sales representative of US Sport Aircraft offering the SportCruiser-THE FINEST LIGHT SPORT AIRCRAFT ON THE MARKET TODAY.