Teaching The Dream Of Flight

Serving the Greater North Georgia Community 

                                                                                        SPORT CRUISER EQUIPMENT LIST
Power plant:
• Rotax 912ULS (100HP)
• Sensenich 3-Blade (White Propeller/Red Tips/White Spinner)

• Locking canopy
• Dual flight controls
• Dual adjustable pedals
• Wing locker (each wing)
• Locking fuel tanks (2 x 15 gal)
• Electric aileron trim
• Electric elevator trim
• PTT and trim setting on control stick
• Electric flaps
• Dual hydraulic brakes
• Parking brake
• Wheel pants
• Position, strobe, and landing lights
• Canopy sunshade
• Standard leather interior

Equipment and Avionics:
• 10" Dynon SV-D1000 SkyView Touch Screen and a second 10", non-touch screen SV-D1000
• Dual SV-BAT-320 backup
• Primary air, attitude, heading reference system SV-ADAHRS-200
• Backup air, attitude, heading reference system, SV-ADAHRS-201
• SkyView engine monitoring system, SVEMS- 220
• Outside air temperature probe
• Pitch trim indicator on EFIS
• Aileron trim indicator on EFIS
• Flap position indicator

• Dynon SkyView with internal autopilot with altitude pre-select
• Garmin GNC-255A NAV/COM
• Dynon SkyView internal transponder SVXPNDR-261 (Mode S Class 1)
• Garmin 796 GPS with XM weather and safe taxi
• Dynon SkyView internal GPS (each screen) SV-MAP-270
• Dynon SV-ADSB-470  ADS-B
• PS Engineering stereo intercom with music input
• AmeriKing 406/121.5/243 MHz ELT with panel indicator

Safety Equipment:
• Ballistic Recovery System
• 4 point seatbelts
• Canopy lock indicator